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There are many groups that support and advocate for a fully vegan way of life - and that’s fantastic – but this website is for those people who are not ready or willing to completely eliminate all animal products.


Welcome to 'The Middle Ground'.

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''More animals are spared by people who reduce their consumption of animal products than are spared by vegans.''

This statement may seem a little ambiguous or even confrontational but it is factually correct. If we assume that around 2% of the population are vegan but 30 - 40% of the population are reducers, then it's not difficult to calculate that many more animals are spared by the much larger group.


In other words, you don't have to go fully vegan to make a huge difference.

For many people the leap from eating meat and dairy to Veganism is too great and, although sympathetic to the plight of animals, they feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the dramatic change of lifestyle. A middle ground approach allows people to help animals in a way that they feel is manageable and achievable. Some people may feel, once they have easily and comfortably reduced their animal consumption, that they are ready to eliminate animal products altogether. Some people may not and that is fine. They are still helping. They are still making a difference.

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