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Here’s a selection of positive and encouraging comments to guide and support you. I've had more than my fair share of critics but the words below are the answer to everyone of them.

I am 66 yrs old this friday, I have been vegetarian since I was 20 years old. Because of your page and website " Middle -ground" Tony I have made a significant move towards my goal of becoming totally vegan.. I have given up milk. And this is because of your post in " Middle -ground" Thank you Tony Earthbeat for your thoughtfull & gentle support and encouragement.


I absolutely agree with Tony that there is a need for a middle ground. I’m not a militant person and I don’t believe in hectoring people about what they should be doing. It’s about respectfully putting forward your feelings and allowing them to make their own minds up.


Middle Ground however has a very different effect on me. I am no longer buying meat. Thank you Middle Ground for informing & encouraging me & others. Your strategy makes perfect sense & is saving animals lives


I’m a meat eater but Tony’s message is resonating with me. I’ve never eaten red meat, rarely eat white meat but I do occasionally and I eat fish. However, this powerful message is certainly making me walk past the meat section in supermarkets and eat plant based far more than previously


I appreciate the help & support Tony Earthbeat has given me about meat such we are virtually vegetarian. Not vegan.

I find your approach in this new venture a breath of fresh air in the attempt to have meaty's consider there options, as opposed to us feeling like we are being judged for our preference. I for one will consider other options at times and reduce my intake. I make this decision due to your education and encouragement to consider alternatives and not by being preached at. The middle ground approach you have adopted is a great way to convey your message to shall we say people like me, I've listened, read and take on board the message. I for one will consider in future the choice to make an alternative


I personally was a vegetarian many years ago for several years. I then started eating meat again quite a few years ago. Following many conversations with Tony I have stopped buying meat. Well done Tony it's great what you are doing!


As a vegetarian of nearly 40 years I have now resolved to make more vegan choices, though I am not ready to become a vegan per se.


I think you are doing a great thing. I know several meat eaters who have cut down for 2019. I have praised them instead of berated them. Surely anything that lessens the amount of animals killed can not be a bad thing. You can't expect everyone to adapt straight away to a vegan diet but to reduce the amount of animal products is surely a step in the right direction . Keep up the good work


This sounds like just what I need! So excited to make this change!


Tony Earthbeat I love this idea your doing great stuff.


I totally support this approach. In my experience people don’t respond well to feeling attacked about choices they make. I believe that understanding and compassion allows for deeper conversations and changes to be made. I have always felt that any small changes that people can make contribute to the greater whole. This campaign is refreshing. Thank you.


You certainly have my support. This is a wonderful campaign.It’s about the bigger picture and realistically the ‘middle ground’ is where most are swayed. You’ve done a brilliant job. Thank you


I think this is a wonderful idea, Starting to think about where your food comes from and Doing something is better then doing nothing at all and its a step in the right direction for many, who knows where it will lead


Not everyone has a loud voice or the confidence to speak out for animal rights but even a small change can make a difference. Full support for what you have set up Tony Earthbeat


Great idea Tony! I'd find it really difficult to totally give up meat and dairy but would definatly look into reducing the amount I consume


I’ve read most of the comments on here and then looked again and just wanted to say I’m definitely going to give it a go, if however the page was sending out the message to simply become vegan I wouldn’t of given it a second glance (I think this was your intention) so good for you


I think your campaign is a great idea. Little steps of encourage help little steps of change ! I dont believe anyone can run a marathon without running a mile first


We do have to get away from the vegan or nothing attitude. So yes, if we can reduce the consumption of animal products in any way, then we are achieving our goals. While of course championing a vegan lifestyle. In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m in!


But it is also clear to see that reduction can be a very big part of a global transition, and I see no reason why it won’t in the long run result in less and less animals being killed


For my animal loving friends and those that agree 'in principle' but just can't give it all up. Here's a middle ground thanks to Tony Earthbeat. Reduction in animal consumption makes a difference no labels needed.


As the flexitarian cook in a family of four: veggie, veggie friendly, wholefood, meat all the way, I think this is a great idea. It's all about moving in the right direction.

I think the middle ground is a fantastic idea. It will result in less animals being killed/raped/etc. How ANY person who cares about animals can object to that is beyond me.

The Vicarage is reducing... One step at a time


a reduction of meat consumption across the board means less animals killed, less demand for meat, more people educated, more people discussing the issue which in turn leads to less and less meat and dairy consumption. I think this is a great idea


I'm not vegan - or vegetarian - but I have been influenced by the approach in Middle Ground and I know Tony Earthbeat to be a caring and considerate man.


the aggressive approach ie: shoving placards in people’s faces as they shop, or making them uncomfortable, does not work, it turns people away from veganism and gives them bad press!!! Non aggressive approach will get people thinking and debating, much more effective


I think Middle Ground is trying to be diplomatic and encourage people to take a step towards meat reduction (any step forward is good!) and put the idea of vegetarianism/veganism out there into the nations conscience. Middle Ground is helping to make veganism mainstream rather than fringe and cult like


If using more carrot and less stick helps to put people on the road to plant based then that has to be a good and positive step forward.


Its certainly easier to have a gradual change in diet than a sudden one. There is a "us and them" divide, the Middle Ground idea will hopefully put paid to that.


I like that this page is about supporting people to make other choices about what they eat and giving them ideas and advice on how to do it.


.I don’t like the idea of animals being killed or exploited, Tony’s message is certainly not suggesting it’s ok, but it’s a very realistic approach....if people think a bit more about how that piece of meat ended up on their plate rather than disregarding the thought, then less meat will be purchased, hence less animals slaughtered


We’re all supportive of this Tony . My husband and daughter eat just about a total vegan diet and we pretty much always eat vegan at home and my son and I are veggie.


I have been a Vegetarian for fifteen years, and am almost vegan! This sounds a great project , will follow.


Love this approach rather than that of the fanatics "my way or the highway" lectures make vegans look like an unfriendly bunch, to say the least.


I’m glad I found this page. I haven’t eaten meat, fish or eggs for about 18 months and I have stopped buying animal products. I struggle with milk and cheese alternatives. I’ll keep tasting though!


I am so glad I found this page. I have been trying to cut out meat, etc but I am struggling with finding "exciting" food.


This is a great starting point for us vegans to educate those who are not yet in the know and I'm looking forward to seeing the journeys and successes meat eaters who have joined this group will face.


What a great concept and launch - I hope your group and advocacy continues to grow.
If you need any support or help please let me know.


What you are doing is pragmatic, realistic and achievable


My parents are omni's and your campaign would be a fab introduction to them as they completely.dont understand the vegan thing but are supportive of me. Keep doing what you doing


Keep up the good work, Middle Ground. Groups like this, and another one I like, Veganish, are doing a lot of good, saving a lot of animals, and helping a lot of people reclaim their health


Fantastic, so very supportive of what you are doing Tony


Tony Earthbeat, thanks for posting about the Middle Ground  of course, I love what you are doing here


Meat free so far this year Tony


I would love to go vegan, I just haven’t got the will power I’m ashamed to say. I admire your stance, but I really do consider animal welfare these days and have drastically reduced meat and will continue to do so


We have both watched this narrative story unfold with great interest and all I can say is ..we had no idea. And since then we have not bought meat.


I'm interested! Was once vegetarian but didn't do it well and I moved back to being an omnivore, trying to source local meat with high welfare. The climate crisis has pushed me to remove most red meat and intensively farmed meat from my diet (as of next week!)


I’ve managed to get myself down to 2 full meat free days a week. I don’t think I could ever go full vegetarian but I’m loving trying all sorts of new recipes


more power to your elbow as they say, as once people have reduced the easier it is to eliminate. And also the obvious benefit of all the reductions. All the best and a if you need any help let me know.


Excellent Tony, a great campaign you have on your hands!


Everyone should realise that small steps can lead to significant changes. I for one have, over the last year, reduced the amount of meat I eat significantly and also reduced the amount of milk and dairy products. Keep up your good work. I’m sure you are right, carrot not stick


I think the "middle ground" is a good way to introduce people to a different way of eating. So, for some people, going a step at a time is the best way.


Thank you for giving people like me and many others a safe place to enjoy.


I'm so grateful for campaigns like this. I eat almost entirely vegan, but make exceptions for things like holiday dinners,or when I'm out and there is no vegan option. I would say I'm vegan about 95% of the time. Making veganism part-time and flexible is so important to being able to include people without the financial security or mental health to always choose vegan.I really, really appreciate being able to feel included here


Im not vegan but myself and my 2 daughters try to eat less meat and diary. We love our animals and we want to do our best to help them and our planet


Keep going Tony Earthbeat, the more I've read over the last couple of weeks, the more I've felt this is a sensible approach.


Is a good place to start. You catch more flies with honey than a swatter. Keep up the good work and it will open people's eyes to make things better for everyone and the animals


I have personally borne witness to reduction leading to abstinence so this is a very effective approach !! love & peace.


Hi Tony Earthbeat I absolutely hear you on this one despite being vegan for a long time myself. The biggest reason people give up making lifestyle changes is putting too much pressure on themselves to make the changes all in one go. The minute you take a step back - you give up and go back to where you were before. Life is not linear and never will be - so small changes work and don't beat yourself up. Just keep on trying and the small steps become bigger steps and moving forward to where you want to be. Good work and I will like your page

Tony Earthbeat Great thinking, you cannot force people to change but you can open their eyes and minds to changing themselves in small steps. People are so sick of the abusive ones that unfortunately all Vegans get tarred with the same brush. What a breath of fresh air you all are!!


Tony, I would like to extend my gratitude to you. Although im not Vegan - yet. Your campaign has helped me to rationally and reflectively look at the choices I make in terms of what i am putting in to my body. Youre doing a fabulous job. Thank you again peace be with you.


I like your ideas and ways of informing and talking to the public. I love all Animals and hate to see them dying and tortured, and I applaud you all for your style


Tony Earthbeat thank you so much! I’ve been looking for a page like this for a while

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