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On this page we'll provide lots more detailed information and links to various organisations, shops and products.

Here are some links which go into more detail about the issues around the cruelty aspects of eating animals. A great (but upsetting) film to watch is 'Earthlings'. Click on the image to watch the film.

Facts – Farm Animals | Animal Matters

Factory Farming Facts So You Can Make Your Own Decisions | Earth's Friends

About - One Step for Animals


Here are some links which go into more detail about the damaging effects of animal agriculture on our environment. If you want to learn more, one of the best films to watch is 'Cowspiracy'. Click on the image to watch the film.

Eat less meat, save the planet

Europe's meat and dairy production must halve by 2050, expert warns | Environment | The Guardian

Avoiding meat and dairy is ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact on Earth | Environment

Here are some links which go into more detail about the health benefits of a plant based diet. A good film to watch, about the harmful effects of meat and dairy, is 'What the Health'.

Click on the image to watch the trailer.

Processed meat and cancer – what you need to know - Cancer Research UK - Science blog

Eating Meat Frequently Is Associated With 60% Increased Risk Of Heart Disease, Says Study

How to Eat Plant-Based & Healthy While Saving Time & Money – The Vegan Junction


This is one of the most amazing speeches that you're likely to hear. Philip Wollen talks about why we shouldn't eat animals and does so with a rare and beautiful passion. If this doesn't inspire you to think about eating fewer animals then nothing will. Click on the image to watch the speech.


These are some of the organisations that are trying to end or reduce animal suffering. Not all of them are vegan but they are all determined to help animals.

Viva! Homepage | Viva!

One Step for Animals - Home

Let’s try vegan! | Challenge22+

About Compassion in World Farming | Compassion in World Farming

This is a short list of plant based meal replacements. It could be much longer, but it's a starting point. Basically, you can replace any meat component with a plant based alternative. If you can't find them in your supermarket then Holland and Barrett or your health food shop will sell them.

1. Scrambled eggs - scrambled tofu with turmeric/black pepper

2. Bangers and mash - Vegan sausages (and there are dozens of them out there), mashed potatoes with soya milk, veg and bisto gravy

3. Curries/Chillies/stews - Soya mince or lentils make great meat replacements. You can also buy frozen chunks of soya based beef/chicken

4. Pie and chips - Linda McCartney deep filled pies, oven chips, veg. Classic.

5. Pizzas - There are plenty of vegan pizzas available in supermarkets or you could make your own with vegan cheese (and there are lots to choose from) and veg

6. Roast beef dinner - Just replace the beef with a Turkey or Beef style roast

7. Chicken/ham sandwich - Every supermarket sells a range of sliced chicken/ham or beef replacements. Tofurky is the best but V Bites and Quorn are also very good.

8. Stir fry - All the usual veg and noodles but just add tofu or Quorn chicken style pieces

9. Burgers - The range and quality of vegan burgers has gone through the roof. Linda McArtney and Icelands's No Bull burgers are some of the best

10. Cakes and brownies - There are loads of recipes for vegan (egg and dairy free) cakes on the internet and they taste just as good. Google is your friend.

11. There's an abundance of milk replacements on the market. Soya is great. I've been using it every day for 36 years and I haven't yet grown any boobs. Almond milk has a nutty flavour and cashew milk has a creamier taste. Oat milk is great for coffee, soya is best for tea and Oatly Barista is for the coffee connoisseurs,

12. If, like me, you have a sweet tooth there's no need to go without. Bourneville is vegan and so is Fry's chocolate/orange cream. Ben and Jerrys do a vegan range of ice cream and all supermarkets sell Swedish Glace ice cream, which is amazing. There's loads more confectionery in the Free From section of any supermarket

I could go on for days - but you get the idea


Here's a list of some of the best plant based foods producers. All supermarkets now have their own range too. So easy!

Linda McCartney Foods - Home

Welcome to The Fry Family Food Company

Recipes, Products and News from Quorn. Healthy Protein. Healthy Planet.

VBites - The Pioneers of Plant-Based Food since 1993

Homepage - Tofurky

And here's an interesting fact - all of these manufacturers sell far more of their food to non vegans than to vegans or vegetarians. In other words - people like you.

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