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There are three reasons why it's a good idea to reduce your consumption of animals.  Whatever your motivations you'll be saving a lot of animals from the slaughterhouse, protecting the environment and doing your body a great favour.

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1. The Animals

Animals suffer and die in numbers too large to imagine. Despite what we are told, most farm animals live in terrible conditions and their short lives always end at the brutal hands of the slaughter man. If you're unconvinced, feel free to Google it. But be warned - what you will see is truly horrific.

Although cows and sheep appear to have relatively good lives, most animals spend their lives in miserable factory farms where they are not able to move freely or exhibit their natural behaviours.

If you reduce your meat and dairy intake by half then you will be saving between 50 and 100 animals every single year.

Our environment is in trouble. We're told that if we don't make some pretty big changes within the next 12 years, we'll reach a tipping point from which we may never recover.

According the United nations, animal agriculture contributes more greenhouses gases than all the cars, trains, lorries and aeroplanes put together. Going vegan is the single biggest thing we can do to combat climate change but you can make a big difference by eating less animal products and  by replacing them with plant based foods.


2. Our environment


The health benefits of a plant based diet are beyond question. Processed meats such as bacon, sausages and ham have been designated as level 1 carcinogens by the World Health Organisation. Heart disease, which kills more people than anything else in the world, is a direct result of eating too many cholesterol forming foods such as red meat and dairy.

Reduce your meat and dairy intake by half and you will significantly reduce your risk of bowel cancer, heart disease and stroke.

3. Your Health

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